The UGTT union announces the development of its own text

In Tunisia, following the success of its general strike on June 17, the Tunisian General Workers’ Union (UGTT) presented a document to the press about its vision of reforming the political system. The final text will be presented to all Tunisians as the country is one month away from a referendum on the controversial draft of a new constitution. The agreement continues between UGTT and President Kaïs Saïed.

After refusing to take part in the “national dialogue” initiated by the head of state, which excludes many actors from the political scene, the now powerful trade union center UGTT is writing its own text. Civil society, professors of constitutional law, sociologists, historians or even philosophers, many personalities participated in the writing of the first version of a text that will be “submitted to the Tunisian people to compare it with the content of the new constitution”. .

Need for reform While UGTT Secretary-General Noureddine Taboubi recognized the need to reform the institutions introduced in 2014, he nevertheless declared that “the drafting of the constitution is not a simple legal wording”. Noureddine Taboubi insisted on the need to have a basic text close to the Tunisians and their thirst for freedom.

Distribution of powers Understand that, according to him, this is not the case with the text proposed by Prime Minister Kaïs Saïed. Noureddine Taboubi adds that it is essential that the principle of division of power, as well as the role of Parliament, is clearly stated in the Constitution. He recalled that the UGTT refused to monopolize the power of a single person.

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