the toll continues to develop

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In Sudan, the number of deaths continues to rise after violence last weekend in West Darfur. According to the local association of doctors, 159 dead, 203 injured and 90,000 displaced have now been reached. The killings began after the murder of an Arab tribal member of a non-Arab person. A cycle of bloody retaliation followed. And if the violence has been calmed down, the situation remains uncertain.

as reported from Nairobi, Sébastien Németh

According to several witnesses, militiamen are still inside Krinding IDP camp, the main location targeted by the attacks. Videos circulated where houses were destroyed and reduced to ashes. There would still be corpses inside, fearing an even heavier toll …

The displaced who live in the camp have fled to the surrounding area. A little more than half would be in the town of El Geneina, sheltered in schools and various buildings, the others would have taken refuge in the surrounding villages.

About fifteen wounded were transferred to Khartoum, which in turn sent a team of specialists and surgeons to El Geneina to support local health workers.

As a result of the revolution, the Resistance Committees set up an emergency cell to organize aid to victims. They called on humanitarian organizations to intervene swiftly.

Evidence of the tension that continues to hover Tuesday night, gunmen attacked Governor Mohammed Abdalla Al Douma’s secure residence. After an hour of shooting, they were able to be pushed back without loss. Mohammed Abdalla Al Douma condemned “an attack intended to create instability and chaos”.

This violence represents a major test of the transition that has pushed on The UN force in Darfur ends its mandate on December 31st. The Sudanese are therefore now alone in ensuring the security of all.


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