the reactivation of the Constitutional Chamber of the Court

Suspended for nearly seven years, this body has the power to suspend laws passed by Parliament. According to the president of this chamber, Mohamad al-Hafi, its reactivation was approved by a unanimous vote of the members during a general meeting.

This vote calls out because it comes at a time of political tension. However, the chamber had been suspended in 2016 due to the country’s dissolution to protect justice from political interference. Libyans therefore wonder about the reasons for this vote and fear the consequences.

In Tripoli, outgoing Libyan Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibah welcomes the decision made on Thursday. He says on Twitter that he wanted it, hoping it will act as a deterrent to “violations and decisions that do not respect political agreement.” Dbeibah adds that continued suspension of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court contributes to chaos in the country.

Opinion is shared by the President of the Council of State, the upper house of Parliament, with an advisory role. He denied that this institution remains closed.

Nevertheless, the members of the State Council are divided on the subject, and a large number of the members believe that this reopening is not in the country’s interest. According to them, it risks increasing divisions. Worse, involving justice in the struggle for power. For example, on the subject of the electoral law, which last year the government and the council of state opposed the parliament based in Tobruk.

Other leaders, politicians or civil society actors, including from western Libya, also believe that it would be better to wait for the elections, and therefore a unified government, before restarting this constitutional chamber.

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