the puzzle in the next legal framework

The Legal Affairs Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (FDPL) began a three-day meeting on Wednesday, April 7, in Tunis. According to Libyan media, this meeting is to discuss the legal framework for general elections expected in December. An issue that divides Libyans and risks preventing elections. Opinions differ on the constitutional platform that should be adopted.

Libyan parties have not yet agreed on the legal framework necessary to organize the long-awaited elections by the end of the year.

The proposals are many and vary between the idea of ​​a completely new constitution or the adoption of the one that was applied in 1951 during the king’s time. Some propose an amendment to the constitution for 2017. It has since been frozen due to disagreements. Others demand a referendum which is then difficult to organize.

The meeting of the Legal Committee, consisting of 17 members from the Forum for Political Dialogue, aims to present concrete proposals to facilitate the tasks of the institutions. According to our information, 7 proposals will be sent to the political forum.

In his opening speech, Jan Kubis, the UN Special Envoy to Libya, praised the efforts of the members of this committee to achieve the “roadmap objectives”. He also stated that the time was up and that “the Libyan institutions concerned should define a legal framework as soon as possible”.

The new Libyan leader has promised not to spare any effort to succeed in the next election.

Richard Norland, the US ambassador to Tripoli, said that in the absence of an agreement in parliament on the legal basis for the election, it would be up to Libya’s political forum to decide.


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