The protest continues in Sudan, i

Security forces once again suppressed demonstrations against the military coup over the weekend. The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors announced that one protester had been killed on Saturday and over 90 injured, several by bullets, others have been run over by police vehicles.

as reported from Khartoum, Elliott Brachet

Mohammed Khalis, 20, died of a bullet in the chest that the police fired. Immediately after his funeral on Saturday night, many neighborhoods erupted in nightly protests.

The UN mission for the Sudanese transition has expressed deep concern over the continued excessive crackdown on protesters. This violence does not create a favorable climate for a political solution.

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Tripartite negotiations, led by the UN, the African Union and Igad, are expected to enter a second phase of consultation soon, but no concrete progress will be made. The UN mission is regularly the goal of the junta, which may well not be able to renew its mandate.

The resistance committees, which refuse to sit at a negotiating table with the putschists, have in turn announced a new “revolutionary escalation” for this week.

On Sunday, barricades rose in several areas of the city. On Monday, a demonstration will be held in Oumdurman, the neighboring city of Khartoum, in memory of the 96th martyr of the revolution. A new “milionya” (million march) will be held on Thursday at the request of resistance committees across the country.

Since the October 25 shooting, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, 96 people have been killed in Khartoum. Seven months after the coup, the country finds itself in a serious economic crisis, but also in a political stalemate when no real government has been appointed and the state of emergency is still in force.

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