the new constitution presented by Kaïs Saïed denied

This Sunday, July 3, the head of the commission responsible for drafting the new Tunisian constitution rejected the draft text presented by the head of state on Thursday, given that the adoption of it during the referendum scheduled for July 25 could “open the way for a dictatorial regime.

It was in the newspaper Assabah that published his letter that the head of the advisory commission for a new republic, Sadok Belaïd, dismissed Kaïs Saïed. The project published by the presidency “does not in any way belong to what we have developed and presented”, writes the lawyer who, after all, is close to the head of state.

The lawyers in the commission responsible for drafting the new Tunisian constitution submitted their draft to the head of state on 22 June. But apparently the presidency changed the text, before it was published on Thursday.

“The project published by Mr. Saïed contains significant risks and shortcomings,” continues Sadok Belaïd. In particular, an article on “imminent danger” which guarantees the head of state “very broad powers, under conditions which he alone decides, which could pave the way for a dictatorial regime.”

The text proposed by Kaïs Saïed for a referendum states that “the President of the Republic exercises executive power, assisted by a government headed by a head of government”. In addition to the fact that the text significantly reduces Parliament’s role and power, it also provides for the establishment of a second chamber: the “National Assembly of the Regions”.

For the opposition, this desire to establish a new constitution has only one goal, to give power to a man. Lawyer Sadok Belaïd believes that if validated during the referendum on July 25 next year, the constitutional proposal proposed by Kaïs Saïed would be the beginning of “a bad future” for Tunisia.

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