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The 18-member advisory committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (FDPL) started on Wednesday 13 January in Geneva, where direct consultations took place under the auspices of the United Nations. This work must be completed within three days. A solution must be found to adopt a mechanism for electing the new overall management.

Several observers say this is the country’s last chance meeting. Ambassadors to the United States, France and Germany called on Libyans to “seize this opportunity” in the face of a very sensitive Libyan situation.

How are the members appointed by this executive and on what basis? Questions that remain unanswered and that have not yet been agreed.

It has been three months since the situation has been blocked at the level of the political process, a block that threatens the progress observed at the military and economic level. In fact, a new failure in Geneva after Tunis’ would mean a return to the front row and risk throwing Libya further into this chaos, as it has been since 2011.

But now there is an emergency, the ceasefire is fragile, time is running out and blockages are increasing. In addition to the difficulties associated with the executive selection mechanism, the question of the legal and constitutional framework for elections also separates the country.

Stephanie Williams, the acting special envoy to Tripoli, warned in her introductory speech against yet another setback, urging Libyans to act so that the election takes place on 24 December.

In addition, the female members of the Political Dialogue Forum called on the UN Security Council to bring the mercenaries out of Libya, apply transitional justice and put the executive under observation. They also called for equality in the formation of the next unified government.


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