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The clashes in the region of el-Geneina left 83 dead and 160 wounded, according to the local union of doctors. Many voices are raised to express frustration with the government, which is trying to calm the conflict on the ground.

With our regional correspondent in Nairobi, Sébastien Németh

Several organizations are pointing the finger at the authorities and the army. For the powerful association of professionals, the attack confirms the absence of security forces and their inability to protect civilians. According to some editorial authors, this violence also demonstrates the inability of the government to prevent the circulation of weapons. As for the peace agreement signed in October with rebel groups, especially Darfuri, this new massacre would prove “its low impact on stability”.

“A sense of déjà vu”

For in fact, an almost identical massacre took place in the same area between the same communities just a year ago. Researcher Lauren Blanchard thus describes “a feeling of déjà vu”. According to this researcher, the transitional government had nevertheless “insisted on saying that it was ready to ensure the security of Darfuris”. He had also pushed to the end to UN Mission Minuad, whose mandate has just ended. For Lauren Blanchard, it is high time Khartoum “reassessed the situation”. This Sunday, a high-level delegation, led by the public prosecutor, arrived at the scene to launch the investigation. And in the evening, a Security and Defense Council decided to send reinforcements.

Lack of funds

Meanwhile, the local medical union is complaining about the lack of resources and curfew imposed by the governor. A measure that would complicate the movements of health workers and manage the most serious cases. He also appealed for blood donation. Finally, doctors are asking that a plane be mobilized to transport the most severely injured to other places in the country where they can be operated.


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