the arrest of a traveling restaurateur reveals

In Tunisia, there is street food on every street corner, through snack stalls or even street vendors of sandwiches, mlewis, a kind of pancakes and chapatis. But when Habib el Bey starts a successful food truck during Ramadan, he is arrested for lack of authorization. The case has caused controversy in the country, as it reveals the lack of regulation in this sector that is attracting more and more young people.

as reported from Tunis, Lilia Blaise

On the streets of Tunis, some passers-by recognize Habib, 27. During Ramadan evenings, in the middle of the popular Bab El Khadra district, he launched a food truck concept with sandwiches with a special sauce and many activities.

A new concept in Tunisia that photojournalist Yassine Gaïdi immortalized in pictures: “I have never seen Bab El Khadra, quite lively, quite colorful, quite lively like that time, like that Ramadan.”

“ساحة السّحور بباب الخضراء” باب الخضراء كما لم تروه من قبل ، الساعة الحانية of.

Posted by Yassine Gaidi on Friday, April 29, 2022 But shortly after the pictures appeared on social media, Habib was arrested by the authorities. He has no license for his business: “I tried to get a license, but I never got an answer and during this time those who work with me need to support themselves, just like me, the restaurateur explains. We could not wait, the month of Ramadan, it’s the best month for this type of activity, because people go out at night, in the end it was an arrest and I understand the authorities’ decision.

The failures of the Tunisian bureaucracy do not want more problems with the authorities and he is ready to do things in the rules … But his arrest revealed the administrative failures and the bureaucratic problems in the country that often block young entrepreneurs like Habib. “This story did not deter me, on the contrary, I see it as a challenge,” he says.

A challenge to push for better regulation of the sector. Habib also wants to use its newfound reputation to encourage other young people to start in a country where youth unemployment is 40%.

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