the anti-junta opposition lifts many occupying sit-ins

In Sudan, Khartoum’s Resistance Committees, neighborhood organizations that organize popular mobilization, decided on Monday, July 11, to lift some major sit-ins in the capital. They occupied the streets of several strategic places in the capital and surrounding cities, in the wake of the great march on 30 June.

The large seat in the old town of Omdurman was lifted on Monday night. The Resistance Committee in the left-wing capital of Sudan says it took this decision to show the military that “sit-ins are a weapons aimed directly at them“Charité’s hospital had been on Friday: the coordination of the resistance committees in Khartoum said they did not want to disrupt the activities and visits to the hospital, as well as the residents of the surrounding districts.

However, several sit-ins are still functional: one in the center of Khartoum, the other in the popular district of Khartoum-North called Bahri, the other near a bridge in Omdurman.

For several days, the security forces tried to break up some sit-ins by force. The Sudanese Medical Committee counted 14 injured just for Monday, when police intervened against the demonstration in Bahri: 7 people were injured in the head or body by tear gas canisters, 4 were injured 2 protesters were crushed by police vehicles and another had his eye shut out by direct gunfire.

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