talks between the government and

Talks, which have been postponed several times, between the authorities and the Chadian rebel groups must finally begin this Sunday in Doha. These discussions, described as “pre-dialogue”, should serve to prepare for the national dialogue on 10 May, a key stage in the current transition.

With our special correspondent in Doha, Florence Morice

The inauguration ceremony is really scheduled for Sunday, March 12, tomorrow morning at a large hotel in Doha. Qatar, which is hosting the meeting, has also invited fifteen countries to send representatives to attend. The full list of rebel groups invited to this “pre-dialogue” has not been communicated, but we have a “broad format”, assures a diplomatic source.

The resignation on Wednesday, March 9, of former President Goukouni Weddeye, who until then had played the role of mediator in the process, raised concerns about a boycott movement by armed groups. But eventually, among the top rebel leaders, everyone should either be present or represented, due to logistical difficulties.

Distrust on both sides Despite its presence, the Fact Movement, accused of killing ex-president Idriss Déby in April 2021, warns that if the “government’s decision” to fire Goukouni Weddeye comes “from an expanding tactic or sabotage […] It can have serious consequences “.

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It is not known whether the movement’s number one, Mahamat Mahdi Ali, who has established himself in southern Libya in recent months, will be present in time. “We are doing our best”, his entourage confided on Friday, but a delegation from the movement is still announced. UFDD President Mahamat Nouri has arrived in Doha. He was able to move, despite his legal control in France.

As for Timan Erdimi, in exile in Qatar for 12 years, this Sunday, although the deal with the audio document, which was recently released, where we hear him express his desire to bring down the Njdamenas power, is expected to hover over this meeting a climate of mistrust. “How could there not be distrust of groups that have sometimes been out of action for 30 years?” But a member of the government delegation hums.

How far can discussions go in this context? For Ndjamena, in any case, the stated goal of agreeing in Doha to bring “all” rebels to the table for national dialogue remains. And this to assure his will to stick to the transition plan, but also to appease the conflicts that undermined Idriss Déby’s reign and ended up winning.

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