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While the UN Security Council has received a request for an increase in peacekeepers for the Central African Republic, Bangui is calling for the lifting of the arms embargo.

with our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten

The Central African foreign minister may have argued that the embargo on heavy weapons imposed on her country weakened the FACA against armed groups, and the Security Council remained skeptical. The United Kingdom even pointed out to him that all the exceptions required to arm FACA punctually had been accepted. And had inferred that the embargo was not a valid excuse for the army’s inaction.

If Russia and China support Bangui, the West has them reiterated their reluctance to see an influx of weapons risk falling into the hands of armed groups. It was in this context that a few hours later the Sanctions Committee of the Central African Republic met – which documents the violations of the embargo.

However, according to information that Journalist was able to hear, the experts presented a report that also again condemned the shortcomings of the Central African Army – the disappearance of weapons recently delivered from FACA warehouses, especially which are then impossible to find. Finally, experts are also concerned about the links between CPC revenue and mining: the armed group will benefit from the involvement of private actors in foreign capital.

Mankeur Ndiaye asks for more peacekeepers

In addition, the UN envoy to the Central African Republic, Mankeur Ndiaye, called on the UN Security Council to “significantly increase” the number of peacekeepers deployed in the country, following the recent deadly attacks by the main groups. two thirds of the territory.

Mankeur NDiaye did not provide an exact figure, but he could ask for up to 3,000 extra men as well as drones and helicopters in addition to Minusca. The UN representative in the Central African Republic also asked the Council to extend the mission of the 300 Rwandan peacekeepers, who are normally based in South Sudan, on loan since December. Because between deserts, lack of training and the disappearance of weapons, FACA is not yet up to the task of supporting Minusca. “It is important that the government redoubles its efforts with more coordinated and targeted support from the international community to build institutions and sustainable management of the security sector, including in the management of weapons and ammunition.”

The Security Council asked him for a detailed plan for his needs and could block troops in a few weeks.

Political dialogue, the only way out of the conflict?

In addition, Mankeur urged NDiaye Bangui to do everything possible to get out of the crisis through dialogue. “The only lasting response to current challenges is certainly political. The re-election of President Touadéra will in fact benefit the Central African nation if only the new executive is able to calm the spirits by building bridges with opposition political actors. In addition, a renewed dialogue with the elements of the armed groups who have chosen to join the CPC, but who have not committed serious crimes, can also be useful ”.

The Security Council is expected to follow it up and make the same recommendation in an official statement this Friday.


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