some in the opposition decide not to do so

In Algeria, 24 million voters are called for early elections on Saturday, June 12. They must elect the 407 deputies who will make up the future National People’s Congress for five years. The main part of the vote will be the turnout, following a presidential election and a referendum on the revision of the constitution, marked by a strong abstention. Saturday’s vote is rejected by Hirak’s supporters and by part of the opposition.

with our special correspondent in Algiers, Magali Lagrange

On the electoral lists that will be proposed to Algerian voters on Saturday, June 12, some opposition parties will not appear. This is the case with the Front des forces socialistes, Parti des Travailleurs or Rally for Culture and Democracy, all of which had deputies elected in the last assembly.

“Since Hirak started in 2019, the Algerians have decided that before going to the polls, there must be a debate involving all political actors, without any exclusion,” explains RCD President Mohcine Belabbas, who justifies the choice not to vote. It is about “agreeing on the mechanisms to be put in place to ensure the building (of) a democratic state.” Requirements that, says Mohcine Belabbas, have not been met so far.

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The opposition party UCP is also not participating in these early parliamentary elections. For its president, lawyer Zoubida Assoul, the conditions are not met. “In order to organize elections, Algerians must be free in their country. We put forward proposals, as a party for a way out of the crisis, mainly based on dialogue with the entire political class and with power as well. Unfortunately we were not followed … “

Among the candidate lists between which Algerian voters will have to choose on Saturday, more than half present themselves as “independent”.

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