second round of negotiations in Bouznika, Morocco


Libyan talks in Bouznika, Morocco, resume this Sunday, September 27. Two opposing delegations, representing the State High Council in Tripoli and the parliament in Tobruk, are meeting for another round of negotiations after starting in early September.

Delegations must define the mechanism for selecting the personalities who will take the head of state sovereign positions. They must also decide on the new restructuring of the Presidential Council and the next government of national unity.

These new meetings in Bouznika mark the separation between the post of Prime Minister and the position of President of the Presidential Council. Currently, these two positions are occupied by Fayez el-Sarraj. The head of the presidential council will have two vice presidents instead of the current four. The three posts are distributed across the three Libyan regions.

According to our information, Aguila Saleh, the current parliamentary leader, would lead the new presidential council, Ahmed Maitigue would be its vice president representing the West, Abdel Majid Saif al-Nassar South.

As for the post of prime minister, according to sources close to these discussions, it would probably be occupied by Fathi Bachagha, the current Minister of the Interior.

Once the mechanism has been defined, the choice of personalities to occupy the sovereign positions in ten institutions will be submitted to the Political Affairs Committee. Appointment of officials according to capabilities and geographical balance could unite Libyan institutions divided since 2014 and facilitate political dialogue.

Moroccan authorities are stepping up efforts to succeed in these conversations and wants to bring together the two heads of the High Council of State and Parliament, Khalid al-Mishri and Aguila Saleh, to sign the agreement.


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