Sadeq al-Mahdi’s difficult legacy at the head of the Umma party

After 70 years of political life, including 56 at the helm of the Umma party, former Prime Minister Sadeq al-Mahdi died on Thursday of Covid-19. According to several officials in his training, it will be difficult to find a replacement.

His disappearance, Thursday in Sudanleave a large void. It has been several years since Sadeq al-Mahdi, who died at the age of 85, confirmed his desire to end political life but never really did. He had also not appointed a successor, although some around him now mention that there is a will. His relatives say the decision will soon be handed over to the party authorities.

Meanwhile, his daughter Maryam, one of the three vice presidents, will lead the party. Maryam al-Mahdi, who is pushed forward in the political scene by his father, seems besides being one of the favorite people to succeed him.

His brothers, including al-Siddik and Abderrahmane, are also among the favorites, but the possible appointment of the latter has given rise to controversy. After being an advisor toOmar al-Bashir, it was refused by several party leaders. On the contrary, others think that this experience makes him the person best suited to take the helm of political formation.

If the Umma Party, founded 75 years ago, has always been led by the al-Mahdi family, other names for his legacy such as al-Wathek Breir, the party’s secretary general and son-in-law of Sadeq al-Mahdi, or General Fadlallah Nasser, are circulating. the former Minister of Defense and who was very close to him.


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