President Kaïs Saïed reveals his plan for a new one

He had until 23:59 on Thursday night to reveal it. Late in the evening, Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed stopped announcing the constitution he wants to present for Tunisia’s approval on July 25. Less than a month before the referendum, Tunisians are finally discovering the text that they will need to express themselves on.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Written by a commission whose members he himself appointed, the draft constitution – which was amended by him – is unsurprisingly cut for Kaïs Saïed.

After electing a so-called semi-parliamentary regime after the revolution, Tunisia – according to the commander of Carthage – returned to the presidential regime.

The president, the head of the executive branch, concentrates his powers even though there is a national assembly. A parliament which will henceforth consist of two separate chambers because a council known as “the regions” will also be created with the aim of allegedly having a better representation of the citizens.

A text that also repeatedly refers to the revolution of 2011 and which for a long time insists on the notions of social justice and dignity.

If the text is approved, Tunisia will be part of a third republic. So far, no one knows what will happen to this project if voters reject it. Meanwhile, the campaign to register citizens on the electoral rolls has already begun.

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