One month after Kaïs Saïed’s constitutional coup, in which

Almost a month ago, the Tunisian president arrogated exceptional powers due to the “imminent danger” he considered hanging over the country. In the absence of a constitutional court that can rule on the need to extend this exceptional period, the president has the sole discretion.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Tough approach and high fist, Kaïs Saïed has increased the number of field trips – often unexpected – over the past month. Whether it’s Tunis Airport, in business premises or on the street.

He hammered home the same message: with him, corruption will no longer pass. A leitmotif that has led to several arrests or even been placed under house arrest by politicians and businessmen. The body that is to fight corruption has also been the target of a police attack.

While the “clean hands” operation is underway, the country is still awaiting the appointment of a head of government.

“Like a master of the bells.” More and more people are warning non-governmental organizations and public figures about the abuses that this state of emergency can give rise to. Especially since Parliament’s thirty-day suspension is in danger of being extended, several observers predict.

But as if they are intoxicated by their popular base, the main stakeholder does not seem to pay attention to this criticism. A Tunisian newspaper recently made its front page by publishing a photo of Kaïs Saïed topped with the phrase: “In master of the clocks”.

The head of state should speak in the coming days.

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