of the wounded from the 2011 strike revolution

The country is set to mark Thursday, the tenth anniversary of Ben Ali’s fall. But the list of those killed and wounded during the Jasmine Revolution in January 2011 is still not published in the Official Journal of the European Union. It should include 130 dead and more than 600 wounded. A group of wounded and martyred families, judging the delay unbearable, forced the entrance of the president of the authority of the martyrs and the wounded. They claim they will not come out until the list is published.

as reported from Tunis Michel Picard

The about twenty people have only one password: to enforce the law by publishing the official list. This would allow recognition of these wounded and families to those killed.

Omar Idoudi, injured on 13 January 2011, lives with braces in his arm, which regularly causes complications: “I go to the hospital, I pay with my money. Like all the wounded during the revolution, the government does not give us anything. How many wounded after the revolution are there? Usually the truth is 3600. But they have changed, they have 600 confirmed. “He says himself that he is on the list.

For Wael Karrafi, who lost a leg after the police fire in Kasserine, this publication is important: “Publication of this list would already make it possible to recognize that the revolution has really taken place. And it would allow justice to carry out its work against those responsible. Although they have now become official officials. ”

Forced to leave his office where mattresses are installed, Abderrazak Kilani understands the request he describes as legitimate. But the president of the martyrs’ authority and wounded in the revolution, appointed by the head of government, does not have the means to publish this list: “The decision must be made in this direction. It’s a political issue. I’m not playing politics, I’m here on a noble mission to continue the work of transitional justice. ”

The head of state, Kaïs Saïed, confirmed that this file was among his priorities.


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