Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin attacks Hillary Clinton in court

Following the dissemination of the declassified portion of emails from former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a wide-ranging controversy invaded the affected African countries, including Libya. The contents of the emails deleted by Hillary Clinton in 2016 relate to the origins of the 2011 revolution at the time of the Arab Spring, visibly sponsored by international powers, led by Washington. Ahmad Kadhaf al-Dam, who is leading the fight for the Libyan front, has indicated that he will attack Mrs Clinton for American justice.

For spreading “chaos and terrorism in Libya”, for having “driven the Islamists to power under NATO coverage”, Ahmad Kadhaf al-Dam, cousin of the guide to the former Libyan regimeMuammar Gaddafi was given a team of lawyers tasked with initiating proceedings to bring Hillary Clinton to American justice.

He claims to have entrusted them with further evidence overwhelming the US administration: “We now have irrefutable evidence of the enormous plot targeted at our country and our people, with these email exchanges and what they contain as hurtful and painful truths for the Libyan people.The masks are off … We are aware that bringing Hillary Clinton to court will not make us our best men lost since 2011, nor will it rebuild the country.Our goal is to restore “and make it known when they try to wipe it out. We will apologize for the damage done to the Libyan people.”

Knowledge of the difficulties of putting Hillary Clinton in prison for his responsibility in the Libyan crisis, Ahmad Kadhaf al-Dam confirms that it is to show the truth to the American people so that “this crime does not happen again against another people” that he initiates this procedure.