Minister of the Interior of the Tripoli Government visiting France


Fathi Bachagha, Libya’s Interior Minister for the National Accord Government (GNA), is in Paris for three days.

Arrived on November 18 at Fathi Bachagha received the next day by the head of French diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, as well as by his counterpart, Gérald Darmanin. Other meetings are scheduled for November 20 at the Ministry of Defense. Fathi Bachagha is a heavyweight in Tripoli and one of the most important players in the Libyan scene. He said he responded to France’s invitation while many are in the camp in western Libya to challenge this visit.

By receiving Fathi Bachagha, the man from Turkey and one of the most important men in Libya, is France trying to regain its influence in Tripoli? The several talks with Fathi Bachagha in Paris are part of “broader contacts with the Libyans” aimed at a full implementation of the ceasefire, says the Foreign Ministry, which rejects any diplomatic turn.

France’s support for the political process

While France is accused of partisanship in Libya and of being accused of having long supported the strong man in eastern Libya, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, before the Government of the National Unity (GNA), recognized by the UN, the head of French diplomacy evokes “France’s support for it the political process and the continuation of the interlibian dialogue to implement the ceasefire agreement “.

Fruitful meeting with the French Foreign Minister @JY_LeDrian 🇫🇷 where we discussed ways to strengthen relations between 🇱🇾 & 🇫🇷.

We reaffirmed our strong belief in regarding peace as the cornerstone of stability in 🇱🇾. We also praised France’s positive government in political dialogue.

– وزير الداخلية الليبي (@fathi_bashagha) 19 November 2020

Regarding the meeting with his French counterpart, Gérald Darmanin, the Libyan Minister of the Interior said that he had discussed security cooperation, migration and the fight against terrorism. “France will provide us with technical and material support,” Fathi Bachagha tweeted, referring to the French police’s training of security forces. Security agreements have been signed with French companies specializing in security, in particular for biometric identification of people.

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