Manul proclaims a long run assembly devoted to

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On Thursday, January 21, Manul announced the holding of a meeting scheduled for early February in Geneva in the presence of 74 members of the Libyan Forum for Political Dialogue (FLDP). The goal, the UN hopes, will be to finally designate the overall Libyan authority for a final transition period. This announcement comes only three days after the agreement on the mechanism for selecting representatives of the next total power.

With the announcement of this meeting in Geneva, which was to elect the overall leadership, a ray of hope is reborn and a new step is taken towards the election scheduled for 24 December 2021.

A major step was therefore taken towards the country’s association with a vote this week on a mechanism for selecting future leaders for the transition. A success that was unanimously hailed by Western and regional forces.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (Manul) formed a committee of three people from the Political Forum to examine the qualified candidates and draw up two lists: one for the election of the Prime Minister, the other for the election of the President of the Presidential Election Council and its two Vice-Presidents.

She provided practical and technical advice on how to apply. Each candidate must be recommended by two members of the political forum, and each member of the political forum is only entitled to one recommendation. To win, the candidate must obtain a majority of 70% of the votes. Potential candidates have one week to present themselves. The deadline expires on January 28.

However, these advances towards the appointment of the executive branch face difficulties that come from elsewhere. According to the political agreement, the militias must be disbanded and the mercenaries leave before Saturday 23 January.

This week, Stéphanie Williams condemned the entire Libyan political class that is holding on to power to defend its own interests.


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