Libya’s military will not allow new war in the country:

Libyan General Staff General Muhammad al-Haddad said they would not allow another civil war in Libya amid the ongoing disagreement between the Tripoli-based National Unity Government (GNU) led by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah and the Tobruk-based government. Fathi Bashagha, who was appointed Prime Minister by the House of Representatives as the UN continues to hold talks with both sides.

Noting that the Libyan military is refraining from engaging in political debates, al-Haddad said they do not want a new war and will not allow it.

“I urge all Libyans. We do not want the country to be drawn into a new war. There will be no war,” al-Haddad said, adding that now is the time to rebuild the country together.

Meanwhile, Raisedon Zenenga, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams, discussed political and military developments in Libya with Mohammad Younes Menfi, President of the Presidency, on Wednesday.

Zenenga proposed that the Presidential Council resolve the issue of pay cuts, which has prevented the Joint Military Committee 5 + 5. He also said he would continue efforts to find a solution to the political crisis in the country.

Menfi, for his part, said that their main goal is to hold elections in Libya because he praised the Libyan people and the UN’s efforts in this regard.

On April 9, the pro-Putist general Khalifa Haftar’s representatives from the 5 + 5 committee announced that they had suspended their activities after they allegedly failed to receive their salaries for the past four months.

The 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission consists of five senior military officers from the Libyan government and five selected by the putschist General Khalifa Haftar.

The UN says that Libya’s oil production should not be politicized

Williams said on Twitter that the country’s oil production should not be politicized.

She also stressed that oil revenues should be distributed in an open and fair way.

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) declared force majeure on production from several large fields and export ports in recent days after groups in southern and eastern Libya blocked them with reference to political demands.

Bashagha is holding a “cabinet meeting”.

Bashagha will hold the first meeting of his cabinet in the southern city of Sebha on Thursday, his spokesman said on Wednesday.

The Eastern-based parliament appointed Bashagha in March, but incumbent Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah refused to relinquish power, leading to a protracted conflict between the two rival governments.

Bashagha and his cabinet have been unable to enter the capital, Tripoli, where Dbeibah has the support of some armed factions, and have repeatedly said he will not try to do so by force.

Bashagha was interior minister in the Tripoli-based government during Libya’s recent conflict before a ceasefire in 2020, and helped it avert a 14-month attack from eastern forces.

But his government is now backed by the most powerful people in eastern Libya, including Haftar and Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh.

Dbeibah was appointed to lead an interim unitary government through a UN-backed process last year that included a military ceasefire and aimed to hold elections in December.

Parliament said his term of office expired when the election failed and appointed Bashagha to replace him with elections postponed to next year.

Dbeibah denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

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