Libya “must absolutely go through the atonement box”,

Following his multi-day mission in Libya, Congolese Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso, whose country chairs the High Level Committee on Libya’s discussions, is more than ever convinced of the need to organize a national reconciliation conference before the conference. choice.

In the presence of once again two rival governments vying for power and legality, the country is more divided than ever and “must absolutely go through the reconciliation box”, says Jean-Claude Gakosso, who led the head of the African delegation visiting Tripoli. A necessary step, especially afterfailure to organize elections and the end of the validity of the roadmap obtained under the auspices of the UN Armistice.

“The international community still needs to make efforts to get the Libyans back on the table to get out of this kind of political emptiness because the election could not be held last year,” he explained to the microphone to Houda Ibrahimfrom the Africa Department.

“For its part, the African Union and its High Level Committee, chaired by the President [Denis] Sassou-Nguesso, work tirelessly to hold a reconciliation conference, as we believe that the election is not a panacea for Libya’s problems, ”Jean-Claude Gakosso continues.

Reconciliation before the election “The election may even exacerbate certain problems”, he continues. For us to have calm, credible and peaceful choices, it is imperative to go through the atonement box. Reconciliation means forgiveness and means turning a blind eye and looking to the future. The African Union has a roadmap and it will be deployed in the coming weeks with the help of Abdallah al-Lafi, Vice-President of the Presidency, responsible for the very issue of national reconciliation, with which we had a working session in Tripoli, “it said. Congolese Foreign Minister.

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