journalists’ demonstration against the decline of freedoms

In Tunisia, dozens of journalists demonstrated in Tunis on Thursday, May 5, at the urging of their union and other unions. Many condemn the decline in press freedom in the country, which gave the country a downgrade of 21 places in Reporters Without Borders’ annual ranking of the state of freedom of the press and freedom of expression in 2022. Tunisia is now ranked 94th out of 180 countries.

as reported from Tunis, Lilia Blaise

“Free journalists, the police state, it’s over”: these are the slogans that journalists shouted in front of their union on Thursday, before embarking on a march to the iconic Avenue Bourguiba.

Souhaib Khayati, Head of Reporters Without Borders’ Office in North Africa, declares his anger: “Freedom of the press and information in Tunisia have always been hailed as the most immediate achievement of the Tunisian Revolution, but in fact, since the adoption of Decree Laws 115 and 116, which recognized the right of Tunisian journalists to inform and practice their profession with relative independence and freedom of action, no “progress” has been made.

arrests, trialssummonses before military courts and the revival of certain political pressures … Khaoula Sliti, journalist at the private radio station Shems FM, talks about the daily lives of her colleagues:

“During the Troika’s reign in 2011, we got caught up in the bipolarization of the religious issue. Now, as journalists, we are accused of not being patriotic enough if we are critical. It is a real danger for us, because we receive insults on a daily basis.

According to the president and spokesman of the journalists’ union, Mahdi Jelassi, this decline in freedoms does not stem from July 25, the date of the takeover of Kaïs Saïed. But today, more than ever, professionals in the sector fear a worsening of the situation due to lack of communication with the authorities.

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