investigation was launched after alleged leak of conversations

In Tunisia, Nadia Akacha, former adviser and chief of staff to President Kaïs Saïed, who resigned in January last year, talks about her through leaked recordings of alleged conversations she is alleged to have had. The interested party denies and talks about sound editing.

as reported from Tunis, Lilia Blaise

It is a controversy that has been going on since April 26 on social networks, but which seems to be gaining momentum since justice has launched an investigation. Seven audio recordings were leaked periodically, revealing conversations attributed to former presidential adviser Nadia Akacha.

The registered person questions the president’s state of health, slanders some of his colleagues and also urges the nonchalant diplomatic relations that would be maintained Kais Saied with his American partner. Quite disturbing revelations that show an isolated president around which conflicts of power revolve. So far, Nadia Akacha denies that she is the person we hear in these recordings, but the case has become serious since the prosecutor began an investigation on May 4 for crimes that undermine the state’s sovereignty.

The image of the one who was known to be an iron lady and loyal to Kaïs Saïed for two years comes out stunned. She who had resigned due to disagreements with the presidency, in her words, had come out of her reserve in recent months to comment on Facebook about the political and economic path that the country is taking. As for Kaïs Saïed, he has not yet commented on the matter.

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