in Libya, the tough remedy of migrants

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The situation in the country is still difficult for those trying to work to send money to their families or cross the Mediterranean.

From our special correspondent in Tripoli, Aabla Jounaïdi

Immigrants in Libya are daily victims exploitation, violence or racism. Many also endured the war, as did Mamadou, a 19-year-old Guinean victim of a drone bombing during the 2019 war in Tripoli.

Arriving in Libya in 2018 with the dream of moving to Italy and playing football, Mamadou is caught in the most violent reality when he leaves work and the pickup at the back, where he is located, is hit by a drone controlled by forces of Khalifa Haftar.“I ran, I ran without help to get out of it,” he testified.

The pickup actually belongs to a powerful militia leader who died instantly, causing Mamadou and dozens of others to work for nothing in a sensitive spot very close to the airport. The young man owes his salvation to the moving doctor who treats him and brings him home. “He is the only Libyan who helped me. He’s the one who hid me there. If I went back, it was forced labor. ”

Despite her broken arm, Mamadou started working again last Saturday. He hopes to receive a salary so he can finally travel to Italy. “At the moment I am working, but my hand hurts a lot. If I take a heavy weight, it hurts. I am currently working to earn my transportation to travel. Inch’Allah. Ramadan is coming. I want to go. “


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