in Egypt, rival factions discuss security and common strength


Discussions continue to find a way out of the crisis in Libya. In the conflict between the camp in Tripoli and the east, there are three aspects: political, economic and security. At this last point, Egypt is to host a committee of five soldiers from each camp next month. To prepare for this meeting, two delegations from rival factions met on Monday in Hurghada.

Security oil sites and the cities of Sirte and al-Jouffra and their surroundings, this is mainly what has been discussed in Egypt. These discussions necessarily review the need for a withdrawal of all foreign mercenaries and all Libyan forces present in this area. Sirte will then be the temporary administrative capital of Libya. A proposal from the head of the Libyan parliament is now accepted by all. It will house the next government of national unity and parliament.

In Hurghada, it was also decided to set up a joint rapid intervention force, which will be responsible for maintaining security in Sirte and the oil crescent. A joint Eastern and Western military committee will train this force. As for these members, they come from all the Libyan components including the tribes.

Hurghada’s recommendations will be on the table for military talks to meet in Cairo in a few days, according to Egyptian officials. Regarding the reunification of the Libyan army, several observers say that “we are still very far from it”. The militias in Misrata, strong and well armed, will not accept being disbanded or integrating a Libyan army with Marshal Khalifa Haftar at the head.


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