“I vote for my children’s future”

A year after the suspension and dissolution of the parliament by the head of state himself, well over nine million voters are called to the polls, this Monday, July 25, 2022. A referendum on a new constitution, a controversial draft, supported, imposed by President Kaïs Saïed.

With our special correspondent in Tunis, Magali Lagrange

In a primary school in the Bardo district of Tunis under overwhelming heat,prosperity is not of the great days. There is no queue, but rather a coming and going of voters. Voting is quick, as all you have to do is tick “yes” or “no”, the green or red box under the question: “Do you approve of the draft of the new constitution for the Republic of Tunisia?” . Posters at the entrance to the offices explain the voting procedure.

In the polling stations visited in Tunis, the majority of voters are over 45 years of age. Young people are few at the moment. We’ll see if they come later. This Monday is a public holiday, Tunisian Republic Day, which extends the weekend.

A voter with her husband and two children confided that she had come to vote for the future, Tunisia, also his children’s, so things change. The same arguments heard in another more popular district of Tunis this morning, the voters entrusted the importance of this election in their eyes, their fatigue often political parties and the last ten years which have for them, put back in the country. Their confidence also gave President Kaïs Saïed, a clean president, some say.

At 9.30, three and a half hours after the opening of the offices, the Electoral Authority announced a voter turnout of just over 6%. Participation is the main issue in this vote, but this participation rate does not change the validity of the ballot, there is no minimum threshold to be reached. The crowd should now thin out a bit as it starts to get very hot under the blue skies of Tunis, but voters will be able to return when it gets cooler as the offices are open until 10am.

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