General al-Burhan’s presence at Elizabeth’s funeral

The President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, was among the hundreds of dignitaries from around the world who made the trip to the funeral of Elizabeth II. He is the head of the Sudanese junta, which led a coup nearly a year ago that ousted the civilian representatives of the transition that began with the fall of Omar al-Bashir. Unlike his predecessor, persona non grata in London for 30 years, General al-Burhan walked in the Westminster Abbey nave.

as reported from Khartoum, Elliott Brachet

According to the official Suna news agency, General al-Burhan’s trip to London was justified by the “strong ties that unite Sudan with Britain, deeply rooted in history”. Many Sudanese do not hear it that way and condemn the hypocrisy of the military junta leader. He himself, in a fiery speech the day before Queen Elizabeth’s death, had accused Britain of crimes committed during colonisation. Following in the footsteps of Omar al-Bashir before him, General al-Burhan had demanded a public apology from the UK and condemned crimes he said amounted to “genocide and ethnic cleansing”.

A normalization not accepted by the protesters. But what angers many anti-coup activists is the normalization of General al-Burhan abroad brought about by this invitation. Sudanese netizens recall that the Sudanese authorities have been violently suppressing October 25 every week. peaceful protests in the country’s streets. In one year, more than 117 protesters have been killed by the police.

Isolated on the international stage, General al-Burhan thus saw the opportunity to present himself as a statesman. According to the Sudan Tribune, General al-Burhan is also due to go to New York, where he will deliver a speech next Thursday on behalf of Sudan before the UN General Assembly.

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