Fuel shortages are causing tensions in Bangui

The Central African Republic is experiencing tensions over fuel stocks. Petrol first, but also on JET-A, kerosene used for aircraft. A strategic product in CAR, where many roads are difficult to cross (rainy season, safety). The JET-A1 shares are at their lowest, a warning in a letter dated June 28 from the head of TotalEnergies in Bangui.

“Bangui Mpoko air depot will end up in total product shortage from July 2”, according to the document leaked on social networks. Unhas had already had to reduce the rotation of its humanitarian flights a few days ago.

More kerosene and tension also on petrol. On Saturday, the UN force said it had purchased fuel from Sudan and South Sudan to supply its bases in the northeastern part of the country, to ensure the continuity of its activities.

An internal note has been sent to the teams to save the precious money. On 22 June, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations even called on the members of the Security Council to mobilize all Member States to ensure the fuel supply to Minusca.

A player in the sector explains that these tensions are explained by various factors: crimes at the regional level linked in particular to the conflict in Ukraine, errors in the management of warehouses in Bangui, but also the sales prices per liter at a fixed price in Bangui. This discourages players who do not want to sell at a loss.

Finally, the supply of fuel – which is mostly done by barge from Congo – cannot be compensated on the way during the rainy season. When asked, the Central African authorities did not provide any details.

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