fever in the north after one

In Chad, a new rebel coalition, the National Council for Change, has announced that it has launched a march against Faya-Largeau in Tibesti, although no other source confirms at the moment. On the other hand, the government seems concerned about the offensive launched by the Front for Alternation and Concord in Chad (Facts), in the Wour and Zouar branches in Tibesti. The two sides are also involved in a press release war.

Initially, the Chadian army said in a statement released on Monday morning that “a band of terrorists” was discovered. in the Zouarké areabefore ensuring that “all measures have been taken to neutralize them”.

But no doubt a sign that the government is taking what is happening in the north seriously, a press release from its spokesman, Cherif Mahamat Zené, released a little later, announces that they are facing “several columns, heavily armed (…), from Libya. ”He also announces attacks by the Chadian air force against the enemy, assuring that“ these Chadian mercenaries are on their way ”.

A statement published on the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the fact “entry into Chadian territory from Libya” by “formally” recommending its citizens not to travel to Borkou, Ennedi and Tibesti (BET).

The Chadian army is sending reinforcements

The Fact rebels, for their part, have condemned the bombings, which they say have caused many civilian deaths. They say they shot down two planes and a helicopter on Monday. The bombings resumed this morning, according to the rebels. Their leader Mahamat Mahdi Ali ensures that they now control a perimeter that includes the cities of Zouarké and Wour, about 400 kilometers south of the border with Libya. But it is impossible to confirm or deny everything that the two parties say.

Since the offensive began, Mahamat Mahdi Alid denies overflights of his troops with French reconnaissance aircraft, which he accuses of providing information to the Chadian army. In particular, he said he feared a direct intervention by the French army, which happened two years ago when his Mirages had halted progress from the UFR rebels, also from Libya.

According to confirming sources, the soldiers in the area abandoned their positions in the face of rebels who had come into force, but the Chadian army began sending many reinforcements to the area. “The goal is to prevent them from gaining a foothold in the region, which would be very dangerous for the future,” a source told the presidency, referring to the MDJT section twenty years ago.


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