Fathi Bechagha, one of the Prime Ministers, multiplies by

June 21, 2022 marked the end of the validity of the political agreement in Geneva between the Libyan parties, under the auspices of the United Nations, which had allowed the establishment of the Government of National Unity under the leadership of Abdelhamid Dbeibah, in particular. After failing to organize the elections in December last year, Prime Minister Fathi Bachagha, who was appointed by Parliament in March last year, wants to take the opportunity to impose power when the Tripoli authorities expire.

Since Tuesday, June 21 has Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bachagha multiplies gestures and declarations demanding recognition of his government as the legitimate government of Libya: “It is under the Geneva Political Agreement that the international community has recognized the Dbeibah government, but today this agreement is obsolete and this government is banned, it presents a danger for the security of the country, ”he concluded.

Similarly, Fathi Bachagha calls on all legal, security and military institutions in the country not to address Tripoli government.

In an open letter to the UN Secretary-General, he called on Antonio Guterres to recognize him as the legal prime minister and to support his efforts to arrange elections as soon as possible. He reaffirms that it will be “effective, serious and that it will guarantee all the necessary conditions for the organization of the vote”.

Bachagha also presented an eight-point roadmap for a Libyan solution and a way out of the crisis.

On Tuesday in London, in front of the British Parliament, Fathi Bachagha presented his vision for a way out of the crisis. The next day, he was expected by Congolese President Deniss Sasso-Nguesso in Brazaville.

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