Egypt cleans inhabitants from floating houses

In Egypt, about thirty floating houses on the Nile will be auctioned off or destroyed by order of the government. The authorities now only want commercial activities along the banks. The inhabitants, who only have a few days to leave their house and without relocating, are indignant.

as reported from Cairo, Edouard Dropsy

Excavators have begun their demolition work, hundred-year-old houses have been stripped from the Nile.

As an 88-year-old, her back curved, Ikhlas Ibrahim emptied his, which she bought 25 years ago: “Are we being thrown out on the street? where am I going? Are they throwing me on the sidewalk in the street? This is my home, this is my life! If I come from here, I’ll die! ”She is indignant in French.

The Egyptian government is demanding tens of thousands of euros in new, retroactive taxes. Last week, he gave the residents a few days to vacate the premises.

Author Ahdaf Soueif, she does not understand the absurdity of the situation: “They say we polluted the river and that we were an insult to the civilization aspect of the Nile. It is very strange because it is such a heritage, as you know, the city’s culture. They are icons. . “

If no compromise with the government is found within the next few days, this legacy of Egyptian culture will be torn apart, to make way for restaurant chains.

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