clashes as Prime Minister Fathi

The prime minister, who was appointed by parliament in February and is based in the eastern part of the country, has been trying to reach the capital for several weeks. The resigning Abdelhamid Dbeibah does not want to leave his post. These are therefore clashes between armed groups of two rival camps in a Libya that is still divided.

The fighting between rival militias began overnight shortly after arriving in Tripoli by Fathi Bachagha, Prime Ministerappointed by the Riksdag based in Tobruk. He was accompanied by several of his ministers and stated that he wanted to start his work. This is the second time since his appointment in February that he has been trying to reach the capital where the executive branch is located.

In the middle of the morning, after several hours of fighting, his press service announced that he had left the capital to preserve “the security of the citizens”. The fighting this morning has been violent and is symptomatic of the chaos that prevails in the country.

On one side is Tripoli, with a government led by Abdelhamid Dbeibah, with the support of the international community, but who is at the end of his mandate and who refuses to relinquish power before elections are held. On the other hand, Fathi Bachagha, invested by the parliament in the east, with the support of Marshal Haftar, and who forcibly tried to enter the capital.

A battle between the two men to gain control of the executive and thus legitimacy. And this while the UN Special Envoy is trying to reach a consensus to organize elections that, I remind you, were scheduled for December last year.

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