Between Algeria and Russia, a stronger partnership than

Operation “Desert Shield” will take place in November as part of the fight against terrorism, the Russian news agency Tass announced. Moscow and Algiers have recently renewed their strategic partnership in several areas.

Historically, relations between Russia and Algeria are based on significant military cooperation, which is undeniable. These relations have been further strengthened under the presidency of Vladimir Putin.

The common desire to consolidate the strategic partnership between Algiers and Moscow was renewed when President Tebboune came to power in 2019. A desire that is becoming a reality day after day in the field. Operation “Desert Shield”, which takes place in November, is further proof of this. One hundred and sixty Russian and Algerian soldiers will take part in this exercise, which consists of searching, finding and eradicating terrorist groups in the desert.

Analytical proximity In recent months, the relationship between the two countries has seen an intensification of visits and an increase in the exchange of expertise. The two countries, rich hydrocarbon producers, are trying to strengthen their energy cooperation at a time when the world market is changing.

According to researcher and academic Mansouria Mekhfi, Moscow and Algiers share the same analysis of many international political issues: they have the same determination to fight Islamic fundamentalism and have announced their joint opposition to the Arab Spring.

Lyazid Benhami, Algerian writer and coordinator of an issue of the magazine Géostrategiques, dedicated to Algeria at the end of July, 60 years after its independence, believes that his exercises are perfectly normal to strengthen the strategic agreement between Algiers and Moscow.

Russia is the main arms supplier to Algeria […] To say that this initiative is bellicose, I do not believe at all. It is natural in the logic of things

Algiers is counting on Moscow’s support to join the Brics group, an economic and political grouping made up of Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. President Tebboune seeks to establish a new economic order based “on parity and equality between countries”.

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