authorities in the midst of preparations for the pope’s visit

Pope Francis is expected to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan on July 2-7. For the Democratic Republic of Congo, he will travel to the capital Kinshasa and Goma in the northern province of Kivu. In recent weeks, meetings have multiplied to prepare for this long-awaited visit.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

On board his papal mobile, Pope Francisshould cross megalopolis Kinshasa to the Palace of Nation where the head of state’s office is located. This is where he will give his first speech to officials, the diplomatic corps and civil society. A two-hour communion celebration is also planned for the next day at Ndolo Airport, which will be closed during this period.

But at this stage, some concerns are beginning to arise, given that the work has not yet begun. The government, for its part, ensures that everything is ready before D-day.

Tension in preparation for his visit After the capital, the pope will fly to Goma. A priori, over there, not too many worries. The work is progressing in the country of Kibumba, on the outskirts of Goma, Cardinal Ambongo rejoiced. The Holy Father will lead a Mass before meeting the victims of violence in this part of the country.

This program is still provisional, it can be changed in accordance with the development of the pope’s state of health, the church specifies. A little more than two months before this visit, the religious authorities are already in the fever for the event. Preparatory meetings are increasing between the church and the country’s authorities. A fundraiser has been initiated by the religious, although most of the funds come from the government.

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