AU condemns “dishonest” discussions in the context of

Nothing is going well between diplomats in Khartoum. On Tuesday, June 21, the African Union Ambassador and Governor of Darfur, an ally of the junta in power since the October 25 coup, vehemently condemned the parallel discussions aimed at leading the military and the civilian opposition, which continue to refuse to share power and possible negotiations with the putschists.

On Tuesday night, the African Union’s ambassador, Mohamed Belaïche, did not take his word for it. During a last-minute press conference, he announced less than his “withdrawal” from the tripartite dialogue that has begun with the UN and the regional organization Igad. “The African Union cannot continue these dishonest, opaque discussions, which exclude participants or treat them unfairly,” he said. However, a withdrawal “from certain activities” only specified the ambassador in the morning.

“Dishonest”, “opaque” … Why such statements? An element of answer was given last night in the same place, in front of the same microphones, by Minni Minnawi, the governor of Darfur and leader of a former rebel group now allied with the military junta, which the ambassador of the African Union had just met.

He clearly condemned the parallel discussions – even “under the table” – between the Forces of Freedom and Change, the main coalition of the civilian opposition, and a delegation of soldiers, under the auspices of the United States and Saudi Arabia. An unprecedented first meeting had taken place on 10 June and a new invitation was issued for a new meeting. But the African Union and Minni Minnawi are formal: according to them, they are ultimately intended to exclude major political actors from a possible solution to the problem. crisis.

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