another day of deadly protests in Khartoum

Eight months after General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s coup, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of major cities in Sudan on Thursday, June 30, to demand the resignation of the military junta. In the capital, huge crowds gathered for the presidential palace. They encountered a massive deployment of security forces that locked in the city center. The repression killed at least eight people. A balance sheet that can increase.

From the morning, all communication in Sudan was interrupted, except for international calls. Early on, protesters began to gather neighborhood by neighborhood to gather in the presidential palace.

Several processions in particular managed to cross the bridges leading to the center of Khartoum, on which impressive containers had been placed to block the passage. Impossible to estimate the number of protesters. As at every gathering, the internet and telephone network were severely disrupted.

For Hamid, who came from Barhi, a northern district of Khartoum, mobilization was important.

Around me there are many flags representing the different districts, many people from different walks of life, men, women, children … Everyone took to the streets to say no to the military, to return to their barracks. The morale is pretty good, because mobilization is really important, more than usual. And since the more time passes, the more we feel that the military regime is weakening. But we are realistic, we know that the situation will not change within 24 hours. Today is an important day but it is not the end of our struggle.

In the afternoon, violence broke out. According to a union of doctors, near the protest, several protesters were shot dead by security forces, who also attacked hospitals to arrest the injured protesters. The repression continued after dark, even though the processions had begun to disperse.

On Wednesday, the UN envoy to Sudan, as well as several embassies, called on the authorities to avoid violence.

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