an upcycling program for environmentally responsible fashion

In Tunis, upcycling, a technique for recycling clothes, is gaining supporters. The “Moodh’Up” program run by the Pontalent Association and the German Goethe Institute. Five young Tunisian designers participate in the program to create a “green” collection that does not pollute.

as reported from Tunis, Oumeima Nechi

In the premises of a fashion school, young designers cut, sew and try on their outfits. Looks created from head to toe from unsold products from the Indigo group, explains Malak Hachana, who is responsible for the Moodh’up program. “That stock hasn’t been sold, so we’re taking advantage of it, it’s not wasted.”

Inspired by the environmentally responsible stylist Stella McCartney, the five designers created a “casual chic” collection. Among them, Hedi ben Mami already had his mark. But he will now turn to “green” fashion after becoming aware of the pollution generated by its activity. “We can’t continue to use a lot of substances like this, especially with fast-fashion, which destroys the environment enormously.”

Myriam Dinari helps him adjust his shirt. Upcycling requires specific skills and creativity, according to the model maker expert, who is happy to see the new generation take this path. “We’re helping young people, it’s evolving, we’re moving forward, we’re improving.”

Zeinab Ali has always been an environmentalist and was pleasantly surprised to find other designers who shared her values. “You just have to have initiative. If you search and have the will and find a supportive community, you can do anything.”

The association also educates customers about this “eco-responsible” way to gradually change the way of consumption in Tunisia.

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