an opposition celebration says it turned into averted

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The youth movement for economic and social recovery says it was prevented by armed men from holding its congress a week ago in Tiné, a locality on the border between Chad and Sudan in the chief’s home province.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra nako

Activists from the Youth Movement for Economic and Social Recovery were preparing to start their congress a week ago in Tiné, when armed men leave the country and ask them to leave the scene immediately.

“There were about twenty heavily armed 4×4 vehicles,” said Ali Haroun Khatir, party president. We were asked to travel immediately. Therefore, we left our things, we did not have time to eat, and we were escorted to about ten kilometers from the city. “

Although the authorities use the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to justify the ban, Ali Haroun Khatir believes that it is his proximity to the head of state that has served him this persecution. “It is division, Déby is playing the card for ethnicism, tribalism. We are in the same Zaghawa family, but that does not stop us. It has been three years, we still have a democratic position. “

From good sources, the party plans to present a candidate against Idriss Déby, who is not used to having opponents from the northern country.


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