Algeria’s Tebboune reiterates its support for Dbeibah

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune reiterated his country’s support for the Government of National Unity (GNU) led by Abdul Hamid Dbeibah in Libya.

In a speech to local media, Tebboune said that the change of the Dbeibah government in Libya should take place through an election to elect a new leader who can appoint a new government.

“We said it and repeat it, there is no solution in Libya without returning to the people … when there is a parliamentary election there will be a national Libyan council, then Libya will return to its popular legitimacy,” he said.

The Libyan leader denied that Algeria was preparing to convene an international conference on Libya.

“The Libyan brothers asked us to organize such a conference … until now we have not responded to their request,” he added.

On Monday, Dbeibah visited Algeria and presented to Tebboune his plan for elections in Libya, as part of his efforts to draw international support for his plan.

Tensions have risen in Libya since parliament last month gave confidence in a new government led by Fathi Bashagha, a former interior minister, while Dbeibah insists on remaining in office.

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