Algeria refuses to restart its gas pipeline

It is an end to non-receipt that Algiers opposed the US request to increase gas shipments to Europe by reopening the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline that runs through Morocco and which has been closed since December 2021 by decision of Algiers.

This happened, according to Algerian media, during the visit of US Secretary of State Windy Sherman to Algiers as part of a tour that took him to Rabat and Madrid. Washington supports Europeans in their search for alternatives to the Russian gas supplied to Europe at the 4% level. Algeria, which supplies the old continent with 11% of its gas needs, is reluctant to increase its supplies.

Algeria is, in fact, under pressure, not only from the Americans and Europeans to increase its gas supply to Europe, but it is also suffering from those who come from Russia, who oppose it. Algae is strongly involved in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis without will and therefore treats this file with extreme caution. She fears displeasing the Kremlin and seeing her diplomatic relations with Moscow deteriorate.

No to Spain, but yes to Italy Its position is very sensitive, proof of this is the backlash after the declarations at the end of February from the CEO of Sonatrach, a hydrocarbon giant. He told the Algerian newspaper Liberté that his country “could increasedelivery of its gas to Europe in case of difficulties ”. Statements were quickly denied. According to Sonatrach, the words of its leaders were “manipulated and distorted” by the newspaper against which a complaint was lodged.

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While Algeria is opposed to reopening the Maghreb-Europa gas pipeline that runs through Morocco, it could increase deliveries to Italy by SEK 10 billion a year via the Transmed gas pipeline. ceased to operate on 31 October when Algeria decided not to renew its contract with Morocco due to major disagreements over the difficult issue of Western Sahara.

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