against the reopening of the Moroccan border with Ceuta and

Spain and Morocco have agreed on a rapid reopening of their borders between the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla and northern Morocco, which have been closed for two years. This was announced on Wednesday by the head of Spanish diplomacy, in Marrakech, alongside the meeting with the international coalition to fight the jihadist organization Islamic State.

The roadmap sealed between the two countries on 7 Aprilfollowing Prime Minister Pedro Shanchez’s reconciliation visit to Rabat, stipulates among the 17 points mentioned: the need for a “smooth movement of people and goods between the two countries”.

“The decision to reopen has been taken, but there are still practical aspects” that need to be resolved, said José Manuel Albares, head of Spanish diplomacy, about this border, which, according to the official Madrid newspaper, is expected to open on May 15. These border stations in Ceuta and Melilla was closed two years ago. First, in the spring of 2020, after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, because of the diplomatic crisis between Madrid and Rabat.

Polisario riot A riot over Brahim Ghali, leader of Polisario, a movement demanding independence from Western Sahara, entered Spain for humanitarian reasons, resulting in more than 10,000 migrants arriving in Ceuta in just 24 hours, thanks to relief of the controls on the Moroccan side.

On this subject, Spain recently welcomed Morocco’s cooperation, which has reduced the massive arrivals of migrants since the beginning of the year.

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