against a recovery in oil exports

Almost a month after the closure of the main oil terminals in the eastern and southern parts of the country, Fathi Bachagha, the Prime Minister appointed by Parliament, announced that production and exports could resume. This blockade imposed by local tribes cost Libya $ 60 million a day. Production should resume as soon as the infrastructure affected by the blockade is back in working order.

No official reason was given for the crisis to end, apart from the explanation by Prime Minister Fathi Bachagha which it associates: “with the successful efforts of Parliament and the Government for the distribution of oil revenues”. However, the result comes a few hours after the meeting in Cairo with the US Special Envoy to Libya Richard Norland and the Speaker of Parliament Aguila Saleh.

The latter had as a condition for resuming production set up a fair distribution of oil revenues to all regions. The opinion was also expressed by Fathai Bachagha, who called for: “guaranteeing transparency in the management of oil revenues and equity in their distribution.”

According to relatives of the head of parliament, the US ambassador would have proposed setting up a commission responsible for managing oil revenues, “in openness and justice”. He called for an immediate resumption of production.

In response to this announcement, the ministry responsible for oil in Tripoli published on its Facebook page that: “those who blocked the oil fields are the ones who made it possible to unblock them”, and thus aim without naming him Fathi Bachagha. The statement called for the oil sector to be kept out of political disputes.

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