after demonstrations, the Presidential Council proposes

Libya is being shaken by demonstrations by young people and civil society against the deterioration of living conditions and the political class.

On Tuesday, several initiatives were launched by politicians to break the dead end that the country is in. The Presidential Council, a body that is a result of the political agreement in Geneva, proposed in particular an action plan.

Led by Mohamad al-Manfi, he is accused of inertia by the Libyans and therefore proposes the resignation of the two governments, the one resulting from the political agreement that brought Abdelhamid Dbeibah to power in February 2021, and the one appointed by Parliament in March last year and led by Fathi Bachagha. A solution favored by Americans looking for a third man for this new era.

“Preserving the unity of the country and avoiding a new war” Equipped with certain executive powers, the three-member Presidency proposes that one of its members take the post of Prime Minister to lead the country towards general elections. But it seems that not everyone in the Council agrees with the adoption of this solution, despite their statement that they want to “preserve the unity of the country and avoid a new war”.

On his side, Saif al Islam al-Gaddafison of the former dictator, suggests that anyone who raises divisions leaves the political scene, including himself, to find a national figure who would create consensus to lead the country towards inclusive elections.

According to several evaluators, these two initiatives are only announcement effects and can not lead to anything concrete. The Presidential Council is part of the hated political class. As for Saif al-Islam, he is being rejected by part of the population, by Washington and by some European powers.

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