abuse is on the upward push in Benghazi

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At least 10 people were killed in Benghazi in less than a week. All were abducted by people in unidentified cars. Marshal Haftar’s forces, responsible for the security of the city, have been held accountable for these abuses by an increasingly terrorized population condemning a dictatorship in eastern Libya. This time, it is some members of the security forces in Benghazi who condemn the assaults.

This Thursday morning, January 21, the body of Khaled Ben Omran, a resident of Benghazi, was found dead from a bullet in the head on a street in the city center. He had been abducted near his home three days earlier. His body lay with two other corpses that remained unknown. Other corpses were thrown back into the sea, their heads filled with bullets and their hands tied.

“Benghazi, city of security and safety”, was the slogan launched in 2014 by the forces of Khalifa Haftar, who gradually began to expand their power over the city. A slogan that, in light of this chaos, seems far from an expression of the current reality in Benghazi.

The situation becomes so untenable that the security chiefs of Khalifa Haftar’s forces begin to condemn it. Eyad Al-Fessi, commander of one of the brigades of the Libyan national army, regrets a return to the front row: “The situation is as it was before 2014”, he admits, recalling the liquidation of “seven people within four days . “

For his part, Wanis Choukri, senior security officer, urges the population to form self-defense committees in each neighborhood. Another security chief, very angry, asks himself: “What is the Interior Ministry and the various security and intelligence services doing in Benghazi!” This city has more than six security services.

Libyan NGOs identify and document these crimes, while relatives of the missing tell on social networks the circumstances of the frequent disappearances.

Since the beginning of the year, security orders now require cars to display a license plate and avoid tinted windows. “Every unidentified car is a criminal project,” the Interior Ministry said.

On Tuesday, during a check, a person who refused to comply shot two police officers and wounded. He was a member of the elite forces of the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Haftar.


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