A senior U.S. professional for the primary time

This follows the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco in exchange, which the United States had recognized “Moroccanism” in Western Sahara. David Schenker, Deputy Prime Minister of the Middle East and North Africa, who had previously visited Algeria, landed yesterday morning in Laayoune, the regional capital of Western Sahara.

According to the Moroccan press agency MAP, David Schenker went to the headquarters of Minurso, the UN mission, in Laayoune. The US diplomat then went to Dakhla, a port in the southern Sahrawi area, where it is to opens today the virtual US consulate in Western Sahara. It was one of President Donald Trump’s promises to the Sharifian kingdom during the signing of the standardization agreement between Morocco and Israel.

In Algeria on Thursday, the US Secretary of State recalled his country’s position: to defend a political solution in the form of an autonomy plan. But until then, negotiations between the Polisario Front, which claims independence, and the Kingdom of Morocco, which has asserted its sovereignty for almost 50 years over what it calls the Southern Territories, have never been successful.

An expert on this conflict wonders: will the change of administration in Washington lead to a question mark over Donald Trump’s election, as many votes in Congress were raised against this recognition of the “Moroccan” Western Sahara?


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