Zambian Barbra Banda in the heart of an imbroglio

Barbra Banda, a 22-year-old Zambian striker, was excluded from the start of the 2022 Women’s African Cup of Nations for “medical reasons”, her federation (FAZ) had indicated. FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has since assured the BBC that the superstar had to undergo a gender check and did not meet the criteria for femininity set by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). CAF had indicated that the player had not been expelled by its medical commission.

From our special correspondent in Rabat and Casablanca,

The Women’s African Cup of Nations 2022, held July 2-23, started almost without problems in Morocco. The only downside is the situation for Barbra Banda. The 22-year-old striker, who scored six goals in three matches at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, would be one of the attractions in this CAN 2022. Problem: the player was removed from Zambia’s squad just before the final began. phase. “She will miss the tournament for medical reasons” was initially limited to emphasizing the Zambian Federation (FAZ) in a press release.

Then, after giving an ambiguous speech about his star, the FAZ attacked the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The FAZ actually says that they did not appreciate the response from CAF’s communications department on July 3 to a question about Barbra Banda’s unsuitability: “According to CAF’s medical committee, there is no decision on his part …”

“She did not meet the criteria set by CAF”Zambia’s football manager Andrew Kamanga reacted in a scathing statement on July 6: “It was a grossly unfair statement by CAF because all the leagues that participated in this tournament were subject to the rules set by CAF… In this regard, we had to address with medical requirements as part of (player) eligibility. That CAF turns around and says it was unknowingly unfortunate. “

On the BBC, Andrew Kamanga also stated the reason for Barbra Banda’s dismissal: “All players had to undergo a gender check, a requirement for CAF, and unfortunately she did not meet the criteria set by CAF.”

Not among the finalists for this year’s player trophy The rules of the Women’s CAN stipulate that “in the event of reservations about the players’ gender, FIFA’s rules on gender verification” will apply. In 2011, Fifa released a 68-page document purporting to regulate athletes’ gender controls. Was it Barbra Banda?

In any case, CAF has published a list of 30 names for the title Player of the Year in Africa, which will be distributed on July 21 in Rabat. And the Zambian, impressive at the recent Olympics, is not there …


30 best players 👑

📋 Here is the preliminary list of nominees for the most important continental title ‘Player of the Year’ 🌍 # CAFAwards2022 #EmpoweringOurGame

– CAF – FR (@caf_online_FR) July 6, 2022

Avoidant answers and silencesAnd the interested, exactly, how does she react to all these controversies? When speculation revolved around her absence, she limited herself to posting some messages of support on social media to her teammates, before and after a 0-0 draw against Cameroon. When asked by, relatives of the resident of Shanghai Shenli (China) did not answer.

As for the rest of the Zambian group, they are somehow trying to deal with questions about the star’s package. “I can not give you the real reasons. It would be better to get closer to CAF”, had eluded Copper Queens coach Bruce Mwape before the meeting with the Cameroonians. Zambians who meet Tunisia on July 6 in Casablanca, in Group B in CAN 2022 .

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