Djibouti: wave of controversial arrests in the southwestern part of the country

Djibouti-Dikhil: On the morning of Wednesday, September 30, a dozen people were arrested in Dikhil Prefecture in the southwestern part of the country. Arbitrary arrests against civilians are complicit in the armed movement FRUD (Front for Restoration of Unity and Democracy), according to the Djiboutian League for Human Rights (LDDH). A routine operation meets the flow.

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LDDH speaks of a gendarmerie strike against innocent civilians. A dozen people were arrested on suspicion of having links to the political-military movement FRUD in armed conflict with the authorities. The organization condemns arbitrary and illegal action and calls on the authorities not to involve civilians in this conflict.

“These people are often tortured. The police use and abuse their power, ”condemns Omar Ali Ewado, president of the NGO. Among the detained civilians one would even find the Okal General, an influential usual chief. “It is rare and serious to arrest such a remarkable person,” Omar Ali Ewado specifies.

Very ado for nothing for the majority

FRUD condemns a breakdown against “fathers of the family”. Its president, Mohamed Kadamy, explains that “civilians will in any case continue to join the ranks of the group”. In the meantime, he is asking for the deal a transitional force, because he said, “President Guelleh will never go to the polls.”

The majority, she explains, that this affair is first and foremost very much about nothing. According to spokesman Daoud Houmed, it was a routine operation following complaints from the public against insecurity. “These people will be released very quickly,” he promises.

Daoud Houmed said in passing “to question the impartiality of LDDH”. As for FRUD, “according to him, he seeks to present the slightest fact in his favor”.


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