Violent Skirmishes Rekindle: Somali and Afar Militias Clash in Ethiopia’s Sitti Zone

In Jigjiga, part of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state, intense battles broke out amongst ethnic Somali and Afar factions. They skirmished across hamlets in the western Sitti zone.

The turmoil, igniting in Dhunyar and spreading to neighboring locales, has persisted over 48 hours. Reports of multiple injuries and deaths have surfaced, though these claims lack independent confirmation.

No official word has been declared by either the Somali or Afar leaders regarding the spike in violence in the western Sitti district. The impetus for this conflict resurgence remains shrouded in mystery.

Historical tensions between the Ethiopian Somali and Afar communities continue unabated. The most recent clash flared up in the town of Asbuli, situated within the Sitti territory, during the previous March.

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